Community Guidelines

The CatholicCourtship Community Guidelines

These detailed explanations of our community guidelines underscore our commitment to creating a safe, respectful, and faith-centered space where Catholics can connect and build meaningful relationships.

As a platform committed to fostering meaningful connections among devout Catholics with traditional values, CatholicCourtship prioritizes creating a safe, respectful, and faith-centered community for all members. To ensure that our platform remains respectful, authentic, and aligned with Catholic teachings, we have established the following guidelines.

By using CatholicCourtship, you agree to abide by our guidelines and community values. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the termination of your account or other restrictive actions.

Membership Requirements:

  • Age Eligibility (18+): Our community is tailored for adults aged 18 and above, ensuring a mature environment conducive to meaningful connections. Unaccompanied minors may not be posted on our platform. If you have photos of your children on your profile, ensure you are in it and blur out their faces.
  • Relationship Status: We warmly welcome individuals who are never married, annulled, or widowed and who are free to and eligible for marriage in the Church, as they share a common commitment to honoring Catholic marriage values. By focusing on these relationship statuses, we aim to cultivate a community that embraces the Church’s Teachings on marriage. Unfortunately, legally divorced persons without a valid and proper annulment from the Church are not permitted in CatholicCourtship.

Be Intentional: Making an effort and having a sincere desire to connect are needed to build lasting relationships. You can open the door to deeper connections and the possibility of long-term relationships by devoting the time and effort necessary to read profiles, compose intelligent messages, and engage in meaningful conversations.

  • Read Profile First: When contacting potential partners, we advise our members to read each other's profiles, find out about their shared interests, and compose appropriate and respectful messages. By doing this, you greatly improve your chances of having engaging and meaningful conversations that lay the groundwork for real connections. At CatholicCourtship, we think that meaningful friendships are based on shared beliefs and mutual understanding. You can build a solid foundation for meaningful interactions by attentively reading profiles and displaying a genuine desire to get to know others. Using this strategy, you can meet people who share your beliefs and preferences and are like-minded.
  • Personalize and Thoughtful Message:  The secret to making a good first impression and building a sincere connection is to send considerate and courteous texts. Spend some time personalizing your communications by bringing up mutual values or discussion points from the profile. Engage in meaningful conversations that go beyond surface-level exchanges by being sincere in your inquiry, asking open-ended questions, and doing so.

Respectful Communication: Embracing open discussions while treating every member with kindness, empathy, and respect are essential expectations we have for all members. As such,

  • Avoid Personal Attacks: Uphold a respectful atmosphere by refraining from any form of personal attacks or derogatory comments. We encourage members to engage in discussions with empathy and understanding, fostering a positive environment where differences are respected. One does not advance in virtue by being uncharitable and understanding of another’s differences.
  • No Offensive Language/Vulgarity: Our platform thrives on conversations rooted in mutual respect. Using offensive language or engaging in vulgar discussions goes against our commitment to uphold Catholic values and maintain a harmonious community.
  • Uphold Catholic Teachings: Embrace conversations that reflect the teachings and principles of the Catholic faith. By engaging in discussions that align with our faith, we ensure that our interactions are edifying and contribute to a deeper understanding of our shared beliefs.

Feedback Responsibility:

  • No "Ghosting" and "Silent Quitting": We value open communication and encourage members to be considerate when engaging with others. "Ghosting" or silently quitting conversations can lead to misunderstandings, leaving one confused. We encourage all members to give their matches feedback when they don’t consider them suitable by stating so.
  • Report "Undue Persistence": Your comfort and well-being are paramount. If you encounter persistent behavior that makes you uncomfortable, our reporting system is in place to address such concerns promptly, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all. Please contact our Support team immediately with the details of the member violating your boundaries.

Appropriate Content:

  • No Explicit Content: Uphold the sanctity of our community by refraining from sharing explicit or inappropriate content. Keep your messages, conversations, and interactions aligned with our Catholic values.

Authenticity and Honesty:

  • Don't Plagiarize: We strongly advise against copying or plagiarizing another person's online dating profile, regardless of how alluring it may be. Steer clear of clichés. Displaying your own distinct personality and character is crucial. Spend time writing your own profile rather than copying and pasting or stealing material from other websites or online profiles. This enhances the possibility of genuine friendships by letting people get to know the real you.
  • Use Your Own Words: Genuine connections are built on authenticity. Use your own words and expressions when communicating with others, allowing your unique personality to shine through.
  • Avoid Misrepresentation: Be forthright in your interactions and profile details. Misrepresenting yourself or your intentions can undermine the foundation of trust within our community. We strongly stand against false misrepresentation.

No Impersonation:

  • Use Your Real Photos: Use your own photos to accurately and honestly represent who you are. By using authentic and recent photos of yourself, you create an environment of transparency and trust, essential for meaningful connections.
  • Avoid Duplicate or Multiple Profiles: We strongly prohibit duplicate profiles. Maintaining a single profile ensures that interactions are genuine and sincere. Multiple profiles can lead to confusion and defaulters will be removed immediately from the platform.

No Spam or Solicitation:

  • Identical Mass Messaging: Our community guidelines strictly prohibit spamming or sending identical messages to multiple members without personalized content. This includes "low effort" such as "Hi/Hello" without additional content. Violators of this policy will face removal or deactivation from the platform to ensure a positive and respectful user experience for all members.
  • Respectful Content: Our community is a space for authentic connections, not unsolicited promotions or solicitation. Share content that contributes positively to the community experience and respects the values we uphold.

Photo/Video Moderation:

  • Your Visibility in Photos: Your face must be prominently displayed in all of your profile/uploaded pictures. We want to make sure that other members can easily identify you and feel connected to you. Avoid hiding behind items, phones, or hair that covers your face in excess. Clear visibility ensures that others can connect with the real you, promoting honest interactions.
  • Recent Photos (3 months old): Keeping your photos up to date reflects your current appearance and provides an accurate representation of you to potential matches. We require that uploaded images be recent photos of you taken within the last 3 months.
  • Group Photos (Identification): If sharing group photos, make sure you're easily identifiable to foster transparency and prevent any confusion. Do not use group photos as your profile/cover image.
  • Clear and High-Quality Images: High-quality images showcase you in the best light and convey an accurate impression to others. Avoid blurry or pixelated photos.
  • No Swimwear and Shirtless Photos: We uphold modesty by refraining from sharing photos that emphasize the shapes of our bodies. It is not acceptable to upload photos of yourself in a bikini or swimwear (for women) and shirtless (for men).
  • No Suggestive and Indecent Wears: Choose photos in attire that aligns with our Catholic standard of modesty and values of decency, promoting an environment of respect and dignity.
  • No Filters, Watermarks, and Text Overlays: Authentic visuals contribute to genuine connections. Avoid using heavy filters, watermarks, or text overlays that may alter your appearance.

Safety and Privacy:

  • Personal Contact Information: Safeguarding your personal contact details is essential for your privacy and safety. Avoid sharing sensitive information that could compromise your security. We encourage you to use CatholicCourtship’s messaging features to get to know other members and develop connections on the platform. This keeps communication within a regulated and monitored setting. You may take things off the platform after you have ascertained the authenticity of their real identity.
  • No Harassment: Upholding a harassment-free environment is fundamental to our community. Treat every member with respect, ensuring that interactions are guided by empathy and understanding. Report any form of harassment to our support team.

Report Violations: We value cooperation and mutual respect. If you witness behavior that violates our guidelines, please report it using our in-app tools or contact our support team for assistance.