Frequently Asked Questions

What is CatholicCourtship?

CatholicCourtship is an exclusive online matchmaking platform passionately dedicated to fostering meaningful connections among devout Catholics with traditional values with the intention of marriage. We understand the importance of faith, morals, and family in the journey of courtship, and our platform is designed to celebrate and uphold these principles.

At CatholicCourtship, we take pride in our unique identity as a community that values deep, quality connections over superficial encounters. Our sophisticated human-centered matching system connects like-minded individuals based on shared values, interests, and Catholic beliefs, increasing the likelihood of finding a compatible partner with whom to build a future.

We believe in the power of genuine courtship, rooted in faith and love, and our platform serves as a safe haven for traditional Catholics seeking serious, committed relationships.

Why Do I Need CatholicCourtship?

In today's fast-paced and secular world that often strays from traditional values, finding a partner who shares your values and beliefs can be challenging. As Catholics, we believe that God calls us to actively participate in fulfilling His plan for us, including finding a life partner who shares our faith and values. CatholicCourtship offers a unique and essential opportunity to align your quest for love with God's divine will for your life.

We foster an environment where your commitment to your Catholic identity is celebrated, and where your preferences of strong faith, morals, personality, interests, qualities, or whatever may be important to you are honored rather than devalued so you can open yourself to God's guidance in your search for a meaningful relationship. Our platform is carefully designed to facilitate connections rooted in faith, promoting genuine courtship experiences where quality is prioritized over quantity.

How is CatholicCourtship different from other Catholic dating sites?

At CatholicCourtship, one of our greatest differentiating factors is our comprehensive approach to addressing crucial issues that often arise in relationships. We recognize the significance of compatibility in matters such as methods of divine worship, sacraments, moral teachings, prayer life, raising children, family values, finances, living preferences, and more. By meticulously addressing these essential aspects, we ensure that our matching is refined to link individuals who have a strong likelihood of moving forward in their courtship journey with shared harmony and understanding. We firmly believe in the importance of aligning with God's divine will for our lives. CatholicCourtship encourages members to seek His guidance in their courtship journey, recognizing that finding a compatible partner goes hand-in-hand with fulfilling God's plan for a meaningful, faith-centered relationship.

Unlike platforms that prioritize volume and quick swipes and likes, we prioritize quality over quantity with a deep commitment to fostering genuine connections, offering a secure and supportive community that embraces God's divine plan for love and relationships.

Why is the primary focus on Matrimony?

At CatholicCourtship, our primary focus is on Matrimony because we believe in the sanctity and significance of marriage within the Catholic faith. Marriage is a sacred union blessed by God, where two souls come together to form a lifelong commitment based on love, trust, and shared values.

We understand that courtship is not merely about endless dating or casual connections; it is a deliberate journey towards finding a life partner with whom to build a strong foundation for a fruitful and faithful marriage. By emphasizing Matrimony as our primary focus, we foster an environment where traditional Catholics seeking serious, committed relationships can connect with others who share the same vision and values.

How does CatholicCourtship work?

CatholicCourtship uses a comprehensive, human-centered system to match members based on their compatibility in moral dispositions, faith values, personal preferences, and dealbreakers. Members create profiles, fill out basic and specific information, answer a series of compatibility questions, and then receive potential match suggestions.

Who is the target audience of CatholicCourtship?

CatholicCourtship is exclusively for single, devout Catholics who are free to and eligible for marriage in the Church. We understand the importance of our faith's teachings, which highlight the value of shared beliefs and values, as well as the unity of faith and baptism. By focusing solely on Catholics, we foster a supportive and empathetic community where members can connect with others who cherish their Catholic identity and strive to honor God in their journey of courtship.

Why does it target only Catholics with traditional values?
CatholicCourtship primarily targets Catholics with traditional values because its mission is to provide a platform that aligns with the religious beliefs and values of practicing Catholics. By focusing on this specific audience, CatholicCourtship aims to create an environment where like-minded individuals can connect and foster meaningful relationships based on shared faith and values.

How do I ensure success in CatholicCourtship?
While success in CatholicCourtship ultimately depends on individual circumstances, there are actions you can take to enhance your experience. We recommend fully completing your profile, being clear about your preferences and goals, actively engaging with your introductions and connections, potential matches, and approaching conversations with sincerity and respect. We do not condone “ghosting” or “silently quitting” when connections have been established. Always communicate and give feedback.

I created my profile – what’s next?
Once you have created your profile on CatholicCourtship, the next step is to fill out the required sections and set your match preferences. We will work to send connections and individuals who align with your preferences and values your way so you can initiate conversations to get to know them better.

When I join, how soon will I receive a match?
The time it takes to receive a match on CatholicCourtship can vary depending on factors such as your preferences, geographical location, and the availability of potential matches. While we strive to provide matches promptly, it is important to keep an open mind and proactively engage with the platform to increase your chances of finding compatible matches.

How many matches or introductions do I get?
The number of matches or introductions you receive on CatholicCourtship can vary and is dependent on several factors, including your preferences and the availability of compatible matches within your geographical area. Our system aims to provide 3 quality matches in each cycle as well as personalized introductions.

What kind of media can I upload on my profile?
On CatholicCourtship, you can upload various types of media to enhance your profile. This includes adding profile photos that adhere to our guidelines for appropriate content. You can also upload additional photos, and videos, and describe your interests and hobbies to allow potential matches to know you better.

What geographical areas do you serve?
CatholicCourtship serves members from various geographical areas. While we strive to have a widespread reach, the availability of matches may depend on the number of members in your specific region. We encourage individuals from all regions to join and expand the community.

How will you protect my privacy?
At CatholicCourtship, we understand the importance of privacy. We have robust security measures in place to protect your personal information. Our website and app use encrypted connections to ensure secure data transmission. We also have strict privacy policies and procedures to safeguard your information from unauthorized access.

Are there any costs associated with using CatholicCourtship?

CatholicCourtship charges the men a small membership fee to cover the expenses of sustaining essential features, resources, and maintaining our technology, as well as third-party integrations. The membership fee allows us to maintain a high-quality platform, ensuring a committed community of like-minded members and safeguarding against undue coquetry. Only the gentlemen are allowed to pay subscription fees. CatholicCourtship is entirely free for the women.

How much does the membership fee cost?

The platform access fee is $30/3-month period for men. Payment can be made by credit or debit card upon creating an account.

Can I set specific criteria or preferences for the CatholicCourtship match?
Yes, CatholicCourtship allows members to receive suggestions of potential matches based on various preferences set by the member. The platform's advanced match preference fields help narrow down the options to find the most compatible matches.

Can I get advice or guidance on the courtship process?
Absolutely! CatholicCourtship aims to support you throughout the courtship process. We offer resources such as blog articles, Q&A sections, and forums  where you can seek advice and guidance from Catholic courtship coaches. Additionally, we periodically organize events and webinars to provide further insights into Catholic courtship.

Can I delete my CatholicCourtship account if I no longer wish to use the platform?
Yes, members can easily delete their CatholicCourtship accounts by accessing the settings menu in the member portal or requesting for it by contacting the support. Deleting the account removes all profile information and activity from the platform.

Can I pause my CatholicCourtship account if I wish to take a break from the platform?
Yes, members can easily pause their CatholicCourtship accounts by requesting for their access to be removed. It can be reactivated when they choose to return.

How do I contact the team if I have specific inquiries?
If you have specific inquiries or need assistance, you can easily contact our support team through the “Contact Support” chat function within your profile. We can also be reached at We are committed to providing timely and helpful responses to address any concerns or questions you may have.