Are You Ready to Court?

Are You Ready to Court?

Part 1 of Leading the Way: A Man’s Role in Traditional Courtship

In this series, we discuss the characteristics of traditional courtship as they apply specifically to men.

In a world of fleeting connections and disposable relationships, the timeless values of traditional courtship hold immense significance, especially within the context of the Catholic faith. Courtship offers a unique appeal for conservative Catholics who are serious about marriage and ready to find their spouse. In contrast to casual dating, courtship is the intentional pursuit of a faith-centered connection that ultimately leads to a God-given marriage.

In this series, we’ll look at the concept of courtship from a specifically male perspective. What is a man’s role in traditional courtship? How can men lead the way in their relationships, giving women the space and consideration they need to embrace virtue and femininity? What are the qualities of traditional courtship, and what can a man expect from the experience? We’ll cover all this and more in Leading the Way: A Man’s Role in Traditional Courtship.

Preparing for the Journey

Before you begin to court a virtuous woman, you must first determine if you’re ready. Consider these questions:

  • Am I desirous of a lifelong commitment, or does that feel far off somewhere in the future?
  • Do I want children? Am I ready to begin my journey toward marriage and family?
  • Am I financially secure? Do I have a stable income? Am I prepared to take on multiple jobs if needed in order to provide for my future wife and children?
  • Am I emotionally detached from my previous relationships? Can I approach the woman I intend to court without superimposing others’ past actions toward me onto her?
  • Am I strong and rooted in my faith? Am I comfortable with the idea of becoming the spiritual head of my future family? Do I have faithful friends, couples, or mentors to guide me along the way?

If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations! You are ready to embark on the journey of courtship.