Connecting Devout Catholics with Traditional Values

Embark on a journey of faith-centered courtship with someone who truly complements your life.

If you have to lower your morals in order to find love, then it is not love that you are finding.

– Jason Evert

The Goal

Be Intentional.

Court Properly.

Get Married.

You can trust that our platform has addressed some critical relationship factors that single, faithful Catholics face making it easier than ever to find and connect with matches who truly are living the Faith and complement your journey in a meaningful way.

Our Approach

The CatholicCourtship Edge

Matching Preferences

Our human-centered matching system ensures that you are connected to individuals who share your traditional Catholic values and excel on deal breakers increasing the likelihood of profound connection.


Designed for devout Catholics who are ready to embrace the lifelong commitment of matrimony, we focus on connecting individuals who have the intention and eligibility to marry in the Church, helping you find a spouse who shares your long-term goals.

Detailed Profiles

Our profiles dive deep into one’s values, interests, faith journey, and readiness for a lifelong commitment. Each profile is thoughtfully structured to provide you with a holistic understanding, empowering you to make meaningful connections based on shared beliefs and aspirations.


We bring back the timeless concept of courtship in a world that often prioritizes casual dating and superficial connections. Our platform encourages respectful and intentional courtship practices in line with Catholic teachings.

Intentional Connections

No more overwhelming options or undue coquetry. Our platform doesn't inundate you. We suggest matches aligned with your expectations and values so you can confidently expend your time meaningfully.

True Catholic Identity

The chance you’d run into impostor Catholics is very low because we have taken the time to ensure that our intake questions are deeply Catholic. You can trust that you are connecting with fellow faithful who share your commitment to the teachings of the Church.

Intelligent choice of a mate must not look only to mutual physical attraction, but more so to harmony of tastes, feelings, desires, aspirations, and of temperament. It must weigh spiritual more than physical values. 

– Fr. Lovasik