Welcome, Gentlemen, to CatholicCourtship!

Join, ONLY if:

  1. You acknowledge that being active and purposeful is essential, as this platform thrives on genuine, meaningful interactions. What this means for you is that you need to be active, intentional, and serious on this platform as it’s not created for passive people. You’d need to make concerted efforts to make a genuine connection that you can take offline as we don’t want members to be online for too long. 
  2. You embrace the essence of devout Catholicism and hold dear the traditional values that define our community.
  3. You recognize that men have the responsibility of pursuit in traditional courtship, understanding the noble burden it carries.
  4. You are committed to being active, investing your time with purpose, and genuinely seeking a life partner.
  5. You acknowledge the significance of long-distance relationships, considering them thoughtfully in your virtual connections.
  6. You plan to reach out to women whose values resonate with yours, demonstrating intentional efforts to initiate meaningful conversations and connections.
  7. You commit to embodying the traits of a Catholic gentleman, showing respect and kindness in all interactions.
  8. You pledge to respond promptly to requests, messages, and connections, valuing the time and efforts of fellow members.
  9. You understand that ignoring messages, ghosting, or engaging in undue flirtations can lead to removal from the platform, preserving a respectful environment.
  10. You sincerely seek a spouse according to God’s plan, embracing faith as your guide in this journey.
  11. You acknowledge the platform's supportive role, understanding that your dedication, commitment, and divine intervention are the keys to meaningful connections.
  12. You are vigilant in reporting any inappropriate behavior or content to the support team, ensuring the safety and sanctity of our community.

DON'T Join, if:

  1. You are unwilling to create a complete profile with genuine information and a recent headshot photo clearly showing your face, reflecting your sincerity.
  2. You plan to create an account and remain passive, missing the opportunity for active engagement and authentic connections.
  3. You consider a $30 investment for a 3-month subscription to support our platform and its continuity as an unreasonable request.
  4. You expect women to initiate conversations first, overlooking the spirit of pursuit and the shared responsibility of meaningful dialogue.
  5. You have no intention of adhering to our community guidelines, disregarding the values that define our community.
  6. You plan to ignore messages or ghost your contacts without providing proper feedback, disrupting the respectful atmosphere we strive to maintain.
  7. You intend to abuse our platform by sending inappropriate content or messages that contradict Catholic teachings or morals, violating the sanctity of our community space.

Things to Note:

  1. The freemium plan only allows you to peruse the directory but you need to be subscribed to Premium Standard Plan is you wish to send messages or reach out out to the women you're interested in. The Standard Plan costs a $30 platform fee, valid for 3 months. Subsequent subscriptions are rated at $30/Three Months. 
  2.  Men have the burden of pursuit and first-move privilege on our platform. You are encouraged to initiate conversations.
  3. You'll have 7 days after someone sends you a message to respond. Failure to do so will result in your account removal. No exceptions! Ensure you check your emails (and spam folders) for message notifications.
  4. Minimum of 4 photos are required, and that includes your profile photo. At least, one of our photos should present your full appearance. Please adhere to Catholic modesty standards in dressing. That is, look decent; avoid suggestive clothing; and minimize bare skin exposure. As such, tank tops/shirts are not allowed.

    Thank you for taking these guidelines seriously. Your active participation and adherence to our values will not only enrich your experience but also contribute to the vibrant tapestry of CatholicCourtship. If you accept these guidelines, please click CONTINUE below to proceed to the sign-up page. Otherwise, thank you for visiting our page.