Welcome, Ladies, to CatholicCourtship!

Join, ONLY if:

  1. You embrace the essence of devout Catholicism and cherish the traditional values that define our community, fostering an environment of shared beliefs and faith.
  2. You understand and respect the noble tradition of men bearing the burden of pursuit in the context of traditional courtship, valuing the dignity it upholds.
  3. You are committed to being active, investing your time meaningfully, and proactively seeking a genuine connection with a potential life partner.
  4. You acknowledge the significance of long-distance relationships, recognizing the depth of commitment it entails in virtual connections.
  5. You pledge to embody the virtues of a Catholic woman, displaying respect, kindness, and grace in all interactions within our community.
  6. You commit to responding promptly to requests, messages, and connections, appreciating the value of timely communication in building meaningful relationships.
  7. You understand that ignoring messages, ghosting, or engaging in undue flirtations can lead to removal from the platform, preserving a respectful atmosphere.
  8. You are aware that indecent and/or immodest photos have no place on our platform, respecting the sanctity of our shared space.
  9. You sincerely seek a spouse according to God’s plan, allowing your faith to guide you in this sacred journey.
  10. You acknowledge the supportive role of our platform, understanding that your dedication, commitment, and trust in God's plans are pivotal in finding lasting love.
  11. You are vigilant in reporting any inappropriate behavior or content to the support team, ensuring the safety and sanctity of our community.

DON'T Join, if:

  1. You plan not to create a complete profile with genuine information, missing the opportunity to present your authentic self to potential matches.
  2. You intend not to upload a recent photo that clearly shows your face, disregarding our community guidelines and the importance of transparency.
  3. You plan to create an account and remain passive, overlooking the chance for active engagement and meaningful connections.
  4. You do not intend to adhere to our community guidelines, regarding photo moderation on indecent wears, dismissing the values that shape our community and guide our interactions.
  5. You plan to ignore messages or ghost your contacts without providing proper feedback, disrupting the respectful atmosphere we strive to maintain.
  6. You intend to abuse our platform by sending inappropriate content or messages that contradict Catholic teachings or morals, violating the sanctity of our community space.


  1. There is $0 platform fee for women, but the men have to pay to subscribe to premium plans in order to contact you. As such, we expect that you'd honor their courage and effort when they messaged or reached out to you by acknowledging them and responding on time. 
  2. You'll have 7 days to respond to the first message from a potential connection. Failure to do so will result in your account deactivation. No exceptions! Ensure you check your emails (and spam folders) for notifications.
  3. Minimum of 4 photos are required, and that includes your profile photo. At least, one of our photos should present your full appearance. Please adhere to Catholic modesty standards in dressing. That is, look decent; avoid suggestive clothing; and minimize bare skin exposure. As such, tank tops/shirts, yoga pants, and bum shorts are not allowed.

Thank you for taking these guidelines seriously. Your active participation and adherence to our values will not only enrich your experience but also contribute to the vibrant tapestry of CatholicCourtship. If you accept these guidelines, please click CONTINUE below to proceed to the sign-up page. Otherwise, thank you for visiting our page.